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The one thing everyone needs more of, is space. There is never enough cupboard space, small spaces are not being optimised and all the small things laying around your home can make it look cluttered. HomeFin wants to help you declutter your home with our amazing storage and space saving hacks for your home.

Have a look at these amazing tips:

Use the furniture in your lounge as storage

There are so many amazing things that you can purchase at your local furniture store to assist with storage solutions within your lounge area. Something that is currently trending is the multi coffee table. It looks like a standard coffee table, but acts as a multi-purpose table area when unfolded. Ottomans are also great to have as they provide extra storage space in your lounge area.

In small homes your furniture has to double duty in order to be more efficient according to Candice from DIY network.

Make your staircase a store case

Use your staircase as storage space. Create a beautiful bookshelf within the staircase, use it as extra closet space, a small home office space under the stairs or play corner for the children. There are so many amazing ideas to convert the space under a staircase. Some great ideas can be found on Pinterest.

A bedroom storage hack everyone should know

Your bed takes the most space in your bedroom. Create a storage solution by adding drawers under your bed to store towels, bedding or clothing. This way you utilise more space and it declutters your bedroom.

The masterpiece of a home – the kitchen

There are so many things one can do to maximise the space in your kitchen area. The ideas are endless and so affordable to do yourself. Have a look at these amazing kitchen hacks by Natalie Brown.

Bathroom ideas for storage and quick do-it-yourself upgrades

A bathroom can actually be the most cluttered room in your home, believe it or not. HomeFin found this amazing bathroom hacks video which shows you how to perfectly declutter the busy bathroom counters. It also shows how to do small upgrades to your bathroom without costing you anything.

No more mess, no more clutter

Love arts and craft, but don’t have the space for it? Why not create a fold up crafts table? It creates storage space for your crafting tools and doubles as a fold out table to use for your crafting. When folded onto the wall it can act as a feature mirror or piece of art. Space saving hacks can create artistic features in your home. There are so many space saving ideas out there that the possibilities are truly endless.

HomeFin enables everyone to create a better home, whether it be with advice for your home or financing your desired renovations. We are the partner for all your home needs.