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Summer is almost here! The best way to keep cool is to take a dip in the pool. However, Cape Town is under level 5 water restrictions and we all need to contribute to using water more sparingly.

Here are HomeFin’s top 5 tips on being more pool savvy this summer:

  1. Leave the jumping for the trampoline!

    Jumping and diving into the pool results in your pool losing water. This will cause you to want to refill your pool which is not allowed with the new water restrictions. Before you invite the family over for a swim simply send them this SMS “Hey all, due to level 5 water restrictions all I am asking is that we empty our glasses and not the pool tomorrow when we have our braai/dinner”.

  2. Limit pool time to one day a week

    Instead of using the pool every day, try and limit your pool time to once a week, as this will reduce splashing and diving into the pool. By doing this you reduce your evaporation rate and decrease water loss due to swimming less frequently.

  3. Use a pool blanket/cover

    By using a pool cover you will decrease evaporation and limit the need to refill your pool. By investing in a pool cover your water bill will come down and you will use less precious drinking water. For quality pool covers visit our reputable pool cover suppliers here.

  4. Check for leaks

    According to Blu52, the number one cause of water loss is from leaks. To check for leaks, one can do a bucket test to confirm. To do the test, fill a bucket and place it on the first step of the pool, the next day check the bucket, if the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket, then you are losing water. If you find you have a leak, get someone out to fix it immediately to avoid wasting water and a nasty water bill. Hefty fines have been put into place ranging between R5000 – R10000 if we continue to waste water.

  5. Get a gutter sleeve

    This sleeve is fixed to your existing gutters/downpipes using a cable tie. When it rains, the rainwater fills the pool through the sleeve.